Hear from some of our esteemed providers about their experiences working with Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC.

I Really Love This Job!
“I am a nurse practitioner – I’ve been with Carolina Partners a couple of years. I love this job! I’m making a lot more money than in my previous jobs (by a lot), and I love the sense of helping the people that come into my office each day. My schedule is always full (except for no-shows which maybe happen once or twice a day). Carolina Partners is quite supportive, and the staff seems like they get good training and everything. My receptionist knows what she is doing, and I just do my work, and everything else happens by magic because at the end of the day, I get paid and everyone is happy. Dr Smith is the Medical Director, and he is in good touch with me when I have questions; and sometimes when a case is very complicated, I can call him and usually he answers his cell phone right away while my patient is still in the room. Anyway, I really like it here and I appreciate how hard everyone is always trying to make sure I’m OK.”

Very Happy with Work/Life Balance and Clinical Opportunities
“The best part is my client caseload. They are more often than not hard working clients seeking real change in their lives. I enjoy many of my colleagues and feel supported by the administrative staff. I am very happy not having to deal with insurance billing, and am pleased with the turnaround time on the reimbursement after submission. I also appreciate the opportunities at CPMH. I am providing clinical supervision, have provided in-house trainings, see my clients, and do community networking events, all of which I am fairly compensated for.”

Great Outpatient Psychiatry Employment Opportunity for MDs
“I have worked for CPMH for 2 years now. I chose to join this group because of the security and stability it provided in an ever-changing and challenging practice environment. CPMH allows you as a physician to do what you are trained and love to do…..treat patients. You have all the autonomy as if you were working in your own solo practice, without the headaches of administration, financials, and collections/claims/denials. Administration listens and responds. They are creative, supportive, and visionary.”

Mental Health Provider
“I have been with CPMH for over 3 years now and love having the autonomy of private practice with the support of being in a very large group practice. I make my own hours, see only the client populations that I choose, and am supported by the Executive Team on professional development goals. I make more money than I did in the ten years that I worked in agency-based settings as a provider at CPMH, and I believe that our practice is accessible to patients and provides quality care. I enjoy the camaraderie among practitioners as well as the total administrative support from the company to run my practice.”