Start building your practice the way you envisioned it!  Therapists and psychologist can join Carolina Partners as 1099 Independent Contractors (in addition to W2 salary opportunities)

Carolina Partners in Mental HealthCare, PLLC is North Carolina’s largest and premier private psychiatric practice, with 130 clinicians in 37 locations across the state. Carolina Partners offers to therapists and psychologists an easy and low-risk way to join our practice. You will be comprehensively supported by our administrators. We will credential you with insurance panels, provide all the patients you will need to quickly build a caseload, and you will make great money.

We’ll fill you up:

Steady referral stream of patients that meet your clinical competencies with a build up phase of 1-2 months.

Clinical Autonomy:

You choose your own schedule and your preferred patient population.

Largest in NC:

Carolina Partners is the most prominent and successful private psychiatry and psychotherapy practice in North Carolina.


Affiliates can expect to make above the going rate of local group practices with even the most generous splits. You can rely on a precision billing team that successfully submits and collects your reimbursements for you.

MDs will take your call:

We’ve created an easy referral process for your patients seeking pharmacotherapy, and continuity of care is improved through secure communication with other providers in the practice.

Why would I want to join as an affiliate?

Many private practice clinicians cannot become credentialed on closed panels, and are unsuccessful in getting their claims paid by insurance companies. They often spend several unpaid labor hours weekly managing aspects of their practice that detract from their enjoyment of working with patients.

Carolina Partners Affiliated Therapists assume less financial and clinical risk as private practice psychotherapists in our network. Our billing department ensures that all claims are filed correctly and rapidly, allowing affiliated therapists to get paid for their work. Affiliated therapists feel secure knowing that the structure of the practice and our MD psychiatrists support client recovery and safety.

Who would make a good Affiliated Psychotherapist?

Logistics: CPMH is is seeking fully licensed psychotherapists and psychologists with several years of demonstrated psychotherapy experience. We are not accepting any provisional therapists at this time and are recruiting heavily for LCSWs and PhD/PsyD Psychologists in the Triangle area, based on our client needs. We specifically looking for full time clinicians who want to work an average of 25 clinical hours a week or more. Affiliated Therapists provide their own office space, furnishings, and office technology such as phone line and printer/scanner/fax machine. They check in and out their patients, collect co-pays, schedule follow up sessions, and return their own phone calls.

Personality: Affiliated Therapists who value the level of CPMH practice support are often clinicians who enjoy the professional and clinical autonomy of private practice, but are not successful at (or do not enjoy) managing insurance billing and reimbursement for services. Affiliated therapists who do not want to wait 6 months to 2 years to build up their patient caseload can enjoy steady and direct referral streams tailored specifically to the parameters they set with regards to client population. With insurance panels closed, CPMH Affiliated Therapists are able to get credentialed with the CPMH group and have their patients’ sessions covered.

If you are interested in learning more about the Affiliate Program at Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare, PLLC please visit our job site at Hireology, where you can upload your resume and cover letter, and complete our online application.



A staff person from our Psychotherapy Department will be in touch about setting up an interview from there!